Kitchen And Bath Restoration is our Specialty By restoring your kitchen and bath surfaces

Which Is A Cost-Effective Alternative Over Replacing, saving you up to 80% over replacing.

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What we do is simple, we make your kitchen & bathroom look good!

We service a 50 miles area from Clover SC 29710.

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Cabinets & Vanities Refacing

cabinet, vanities refacing

Update your old cabinets or vanities by refacing them with our proven factory finish. We can even replace the doors to fit your style. Your choice of a solid color or a darker stain. So yuou can have an ideal of what it would cost to have your cabinets or vanities refaced starting at $100.00 a door.

Countertop Resurfacing

countertop resurfacing

Update your dated countertops by resurfacing them with our proven stone finish. Choice from 30 colors. So yuou can have an ideal of what it would cost to have your countertops resurfaced starting at $650.00

Bathtub Refinishing

Standard Bathtub Refinishing

Update your old hard to clean bathtub or shower by refinishing them with our proven finish. porcelain, steel, fiberglass or culture marble So you can have an ideal of what it would cost to have your bathtub refinished starting at $425.00

Tile Reglazing

Floor Tile Reglazing

Update your hard to clean wall or floor tile by reglazing them with our proven solid color or stone finishies. So you can have an ideal of what it would cost to have your tile reglazed starting at $1500.00

Kitchen And Bath Restoration Cost Effective Alternative Over Replacing

Deitz Surface Detailing Kitchen and Bath restoration is a family-owned restoration company that started in 2013 with over 8 years of experience in the kitchen and bath restoration industry. Dedicated to providing custom, affordable solutions to all of your bathroom and kitchen restoration needs. Our company uses the best materials available that gives you, the customer the most affordable prices when it comes to your home needs. In addition, we offer our customers straightforward pricing.

Deitz Surface Detailing specializing in your kitchen and bath restoration of old outdated surfaces from kitchen cabinets, countertops to bathroom bathtub, shower, wall and floor tile. We are also conscientious about completing all kitchen and bath restoration projects according to your specifications, and we take the time to answer your questions about the kitchen and bath restoration process. A trustworthy kitchen and bath restoration company like Deitz Surface Detailing will further guide you through the remodeling process with a sincere desire to give you a satisfying, stress-free restoration experience. You can also find us on Facebook, Google Maps and BBB with reviews to back up our work.

Kitchen and Bath Restoration
Countertop Refinishing
Standard Bathtub Refinishing
Floor Tile Reglazing

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