Best Way to Remove Rust from a Porcelain Bathtub or Sink

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Rusty Before And After Bathroom Sink
Does you bathtub look like this photo above? I am going to let you in on a little secret that most refinishers do not want you to know. That secret has been around since 1882. It is a non-abrasive cleanser and polish powder that will remove rust from you bathtub. As long as the surface of the bathtub is in good shape then what I have to say is the best way to remove rust from your bathtub. With a lot of elbow grease it will take you between one to two hours to complete if the rust stains or deep into the surface of the bathtub. But before we talk of the best way to remove rust let’s talk about using baking soda and vinegar to remove hard water spots, calcium build up, and rust stains. I know you have seen and read many blogs about using baking soda and vinegar to clean the surface of your bathtub. Back on 2/13/2014 I was tired of looking at my ugly bathroom sink. As you can see by the photo of my bathroom sink it needs some TLC badly. Like most of you I was looking for an eco-friendly way to clean my sink. So I did like you would do. Jump online to Google search how to clean a bathroom sink. I found many blogs on how to clean a bathroom sink using baking soda and vinegar. I mixed baking soda and vinegar in a bowl. Took some paper towels put them in the bowl and laid them on the bad areas of the sink to soak. I had a science project in the making. It was a failure after three hours of soaking or I was too inpatient to wait any longer. I was unhappy with the results and just did not want to spend all day on this project.  I pulled my years of knowledge together went into my shop and got out some 1000 grid and 2000 grid sandpaper. I got out the rust, removed the hard water spots, and calcium build up within an hour. I received a call from a contractor on March 19, 2014 to repair a brand new bathtub in Charlotte NC. This bathtub was one of the high dollar porcelain ones. What had happen to the bathtub was the tile setter used a grinder to cut something over the surface of the bathtub. Sparks from the grinder melted into the surface of the bathtub leaving burns and rust spots in the surface. After three hours I was about to give up because the damage was so bad. I had removed some of the damage but it was so deep. What was I going to do? Then a friend of mine called, who is also a refinisher and while talking to him he told me the secret on how to remove the rust. After another three hours you would not even know the bathtub was damaged. What is this secret that will remove rust from the surface?  It Is Bar Keepers Friend All Purpose Cleaner. Things you will you need to clean your bathtub: Gloves, two Scotch Brite scouring pad, two clean rags, can of Bar Keepers Friend, and a lot of elbow grease. Follow the directions on the can of Bar Keepers Friend. For minor rust spots use just a little on the scouring pad. For major rust stains use a lot. Only use Bar Keepers Friend when you see signs of rust starting. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove all the cleaner. You can keep the surface polish by using glass stove top cleaner. But be very careful when polishing the bottom of the bathtub it will be very slippery when wet. To keep your bathtub cleaner, dry off tub every time you get out, and clean with Dawn Dish detergent every 7 to 14 days. These steps will help keep your new or old bathtub looking good for years to come. These steps will not work if your bathtub is in bad shape. The only way to fix it is refinishing it. If you would like for me to restore or refinish your bathtub give me a call.


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