Fiberglass Tub Shower Repair

fiberglass tub damage

One-piece seamless tub, shower, walls or pan base made of fiberglass that are used in home bathrooms.

Most small or minor repairs consisting of cracks, spiderwebbing, chips, or scratches can be fixed by:

1. Dremeling out the crack, spiderwebbing or scratch.
2. Clean with Acetone.
3. Fill with a good polyester body filler.
4. Sand the body filler smooth.
5. Clean with Acetone.
6. Airbrush with a good polyurethane, epoxy, or gelcoat to match coating as close as possible to the bath unit.

Most modern homes take advantage of fiberglass bath units rather than traditional porcelain cast iron or steel tubs. Affordable, attractive, and durable, fiberglass is nevertheless prone to cracking and pitting overtime.

Fortunately, repairing a cracked or damaged tub or shower pan is a straightforward DIY job that most homeowners can do to save themselves money over an expensive replacement. The cost to hire a professional to fix problems may prove worth the minor investment to ensure the cause of the issue is addressed to prevent future problems.

This guide covers the basics for fixing all shower floors, including bases and pans.

This project costs an average of $200.00 to $400.00 when hiring a pro. Depending on the extent of repairs needed and whether you hire a professional or handle fixing the damage on your own. Minor damage often only requires an epoxy kit, available at most home improvement stores. More extensive cracks and chips may require polyester body filler, special high-density foam and an Inlay. Even at the high end, repairing is considerably less expensive than installing a new bath unit, and it usually only takes four hours not including dry time.

What causes a fiberglass tub to crack, spiderwebbing, or chip?

There are many things that can cause a fiberglass  bath unit to crack.

Deitz Surface Detailing Fiberglass Shower Tub RepairDeitz Surface Detailing-romantic-bath-Deitz Surface Detailing Fiberglass Shower Tub Repair

Most common causes are:

1. Air pockets that get in the fiberglass when the unit was made. Air pockets can cause delaminating blisters and weak areas in the surface.
2. Fiberglass  flexes every time when you fill it up with water and when you are in the bath unit. This causes the bath unit to weaken the area and then it cracks. Most common area to crack is the floor or bottom of the tub. This is because who ever put the unit in did not put any support under the bath unit. Most bath units manufacturer recommends mortar to be put under the bath unit.
3. Spiderwebbing is caused by something hitting the surface.

How do you repair a cracked shower base?

How do you fix a small chip in a fiberglass tub?

How do you get scratches out of a fiberglass tub?

How to repair hole in fiberglass tub surround?

How to repair plastic shower wall?

All the questions above can be fixed with Dremel tool to grind a groove along the crack. Drill a small hole on each side of the crack bigger than the crack to keep it from spreading. Fill crack, chip or scratch with polyester body filler. Sand the body filler smooth and flush with the area. Clean with Acetone. Brush or airbrush polyurethane, epoxy, or gelcoat to match coating as close as possible to the bath unit.

Hole repair in fiberglass bath unit is a bit more challenging. You will have to remove any pieces of the fiberglass from the hole. Clean the area around the hole with acetone. Sometimes you will have to use a high-density foam behind the hole before you can start the next step. Apply fiberglass mesh behind the hole, overlapping the hole area. Fill the hole with fiberglass mesh and let dry. Sand area smooth and flush to the area around the hole. Spread with polyester body filler. Sand area smooth and flush to the area around the hole. Brush or airbrush polyurethane, epoxy, or gelcoat to match coating as close as possible to the bath unit.

Crack In Tub
Repair Of Fiberglass Tub

If the hole is in the floor, then it will need to have the underside supported by high-density foam and then an inlay glued to the floor.

Crack In Fiberglass Tub
Drill holes in fiberglass
fiberglass permanent inlay repair
Fiberglass Inlay Repair

Fiberglass Tub Shower Repair.



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