Floor, Wall Tile Refinishing

Floor, Wall Tile Refinishing; you may have tile on your walls, floor, kitchen country top, back splash around your garden tub, Shower pan may be made of tile too. Did you know that tile can be refinished in any solid color or stone accent textured color that looks like granite. 

Floor, Wall Tile Refrinishing

Most wall tile refinishing jobs can be done two days to complete. Floor Tile can take up 4 day to complete. Arrival time varies due to traffic, most of the time for arrival is between 8:00am to 9:00am unless otherwise agreed upon. each day takes about 6 to 8  hours to complete. Last day about two hours to pull down masking, re-caulk, 

SKU# DSD-1001

Floor, Wall Tile Refrinishing

with minor damage to the surface.

  • Remove Caulk.
  • Clean and prep with our four step-cleaning process (cleaning, etching, sanding, and neutralizing the surface).
  • Saline Bonding Primer.
  • refinished in our Polyurethane top coating for a high gloss and the look of porcelain, or stone accent textured color that looks like granite. 


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Cost Add-Ons

SKU# DSD-1010-ST

Removal Of The Old Coating

If the tile has been refinished before. We will have to remove 100% of the old coating from the tile and grout lines. Usually taking about an 8 hours may be more all depends on how many coats that is on the title.

removing old coating from bathtub
Major Damage Bathtub

SKU# DSD-1055-ST

Major Damage To The Tile

Some floor, wall tile are in really bad shape, an need of repair, from chips, cracks in the tile. Polyester bodyfiller is used for to fill in all the chips, cracks, water erosion, and dropping heavy objects. We have to sand down the surface until it is smooth and level. Adding time to the refinishing job. 


Removal and reinstall Of Shower Door 

Shower door has to be removed to give you the best job possible. If you are reusing the shower door, we will reinstall it on the second day, but it will add time to the job.

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