Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Refacing Restoration

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen And Bath Cabinet Refacing Restoration

Kitchen bath cabinet refacing restoration is the process of restoring your old, outdated cabinets back to a new factory finish. With over 20 years of restoring old cabinets, Deitz Surface Detailing Kitchen And Bath Restoration has the understanding of how the coating works to bring your cabinets new life. It is with our low VOC acrylic coatings. It has outstanding durability, which you will not find a better finish for your cabinets. You can’t find the quality of the wood that went into making the older cabinets. Let us help you to re-use what you have. We also offer new cabinet door replacement of your old doors. This is a great way to recycle your cabinets and keeping them out of the landfills and giving your kitchen or bath a new look.

Old Kitchen Cabinets

The Cost Of Having your Kitchen Cabinets Replaced.

Did you know just by having your existing kitchen cabinets refinished, you can save up to 80% off the cost of remodeling. Kitchens are one of the most expensive rooms in the home to have remodeled and can cost between $10,000 to $30,000.

The Coating That We Use To Reface, Resurface, and Refinish Your Cabinets

In the kitchen the most used surface is your cabinets. Over time the surface of cabinets can become faded, stained, dinged, and chipped from every day uses. Our Eco-friendly no VOC Coatings, is a break-through in kitchen cabinet refinishing. It is so durable, that it has withstood my oldest grandson. He runs his metal Tonka dump truck into them without a scratch on them. We also take extra care of the most abused areas of your kitchen, which are around the stove where grease from cooking collects, around the sink area where water and food runs down the cabinets. We prime all the cabinets surface with a saline epoxy primer that will help the top coat to stay on your cabinets. Then finish them out with the top coat in any satin, semi-gloss, or gloss color of your choice. Our Finish feels and looks just like it came from the factory.

Kitchen Make Over In Clover SC

Cabinet Colors

Eco-friendly break-through kitchen and bath cabinet colors reflects the home’s charm and your style to bring out the beauty of the wood the cabinets are made of. Will over one hundred colors to choose from for your kitchen cabinets.

rustic cream cabinet color
Rustic Cream Color
Cream Country Cabinet Color
Cream Country Cabinet Color
Dreamy Gray Cabinet Color
Dreamy Gray Cabinet Color
Crinkle Cabinet Color
Crinkle cabinet color
Black Cabinet Color
Black Cabinet Color

Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Refinishing

Make sure to have all cabinets emptied out before the day I start.

On the first day all cabinet doors and drawers will be removed. It takes about four hours to remove all the hardware from the cabinets.

I will spend the rest of the day masking off, loading up doors and drawers to take back to my shop to have both sides of them refinished. I will leave you with access to your refrigerator on the first day. The next day I’ll finish masking off. It takes me several hours to mask off the surrounding area. After the cabinets are masked off, I’ll clean, sand, and dust the surface of the cabinets before refinishing them. At this point I’ll refinish your kitchen cabinets in one of the best eco-friendly Breakthrough coatings I have found. At this point your kitchen will be out of service for 72 working hours.

After 72 working hours are up you will have access to your cabinets.

I will spend the next three to four days refinishing the doors and drawers at my shop. Then I will set up a time to come and reinstall the cabinets doors, drawers and hardware. It can take up to 10 days for me to refinish your cabinets, especially if I have to remove latex paint. I only do one job at a time.

Bathroom cabinets can take about three days to finish.

New Cabinet Doors

Deitz Surface Detailing Kitchen And Bath Restorstion is now offering new cabinet doors and drawers by BTJ Cabinet Door Company out of Gastiona NC. Now you can have you kitchen or bath look new and I know we can beat Home Depot prices on refacing your cabinets. Below are some of BTJ samples. New Cabinet Doors and Drawers are custom made and will take up to 3 week to complete

Cope and Stick Doors

Mitered Doors

Applied Molding/Glass Lite's

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