Removing Old Coating From Surfaces That Had Been Refinished Before

Removing old coating from bathtubDeitz Surface Detailing-romantic-bath-Removing old coating from bathtub

If it has been refinished before. We will have to remove 100% of the old coating from the surface of the bathtubs, Shower Stalls, Tile, Sinks, and cabinets by sanding and scraping.

Using a chemical strip to remove old coating from porcelain or ceramic surfaces is very dangerous to the refinisher trade.  Here at Deitz Surface Detailing when it comes to removing the old coating off your bathtub, wall tile, floor tile, fiberglass enclosures or cabinets we have decided to stop using chemical strippers for our and your safety.

Old fashioned sanding and scraping is the best way to remove the old coating. Some may say this is not the best way of removing old coating, but I know it is. 80% of the time it takes me about two hours to remove the old coating using my sander hooked up to my heap vacuum that pulsate every 30 seconds to keep the filters and air clean from dust. Witch meets the EPA lead related renovations, repair and painting (RRP) rule for clean air.