Shelby NC Area Kitchen, Bathroom, And Churches Refinishing

Yes, we services Shelby area, and all the counties in the Cleveland County areas. For your Kitchen, Bathroom, and Church Refinishing. We can come to you for your refinishing needs, Bathtub, kitchen cabinets, fiberglass shower, tile, or baptistery. Shelby NC has alot of historical home, with rich workmanship going in to each home.  Why would you replace when you can refinished them. Here at Deitz Kitchen And Bath Restoration can help. with our 3 step cleaning prep, then our step for refinishing you bathtub, cabinets, fiberglass units, or baptistery. We can make them look like new. Over the last three years I have done many jobs with happy customers in the Shelby Area.

7-year warranty for home owners for bathtub, shower, cabinets, tile

2-year warranty for sinks and realty properties

Below are some of the contractors in Shelby NC that I have done work. I also get referrals from the conractors and refinishers

Dicky Amaya outstanding business in Shelby NC. Owner of Amaya Glaze LLC. 

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