Story Behind Deitz Surface Detailing Kitchen And Bath Restoration

Story behind Deitz Surface Detailing Kitchen And Bath Restoration starting with Stan the owner and where he got his start in the trade. Stan began in this trade in the year 2012 working with Glaze Pro in the Charlotte, NC metro as a trained assistant and service technician. In August 2014, Glaze Pro re-located their business in the Western NC area, leaving a need for our quality services.

Deitz Surface Detailing Kitchen And Bath Restoration morphed from a restoration only company to accommodate this need, adding bathtub, enclosure, ceramic tile, and counter top resurfacing to our area of expertise!

We are 100% committed to providing our customers the best service possible. If we wouldn’t have it in our home, then it does not need to be in yours.

Our Approach

Deitz Surface Detailing Kitchen And Bath Restoration is family owned and operated, and we place importance on old fashioned values. We always use printed and signed estimates, service agreements, care and warranty documents. Our rates are fair and reasonable. We use top quality products from local suppliers and we always wear proper safety equipment. There’s no miracle to any method. It just takes time and the know how to do the job right the first time.

Bathtubs, Showers, and ceramic tile Refinishing, Re-glazing or Resurfacing Process

Our three-step cleaning process for bathtubs, fiberglass, and ceramic tile follows industry standards for preparing your surface for our process to remove 100% of dirt, debris, soap scum, and oils. Yes, we must have water to rinse the area and it needs to be able to drain out. If you have taken time to read my fellow refinisher’s websites, you can see that we all use somewhat of the same basic process (clean, etch, and sand). Removing of old caulk from around the area. Bodywork to all the damaged areas. The primer we use is one of the best saline bonding agents on the market which helps the coating to stay on the surface. Our polyester-polyurethane top cost is a three-component coating that utilizes the resin + catalyst + accelerant. Thanks to its tight molecular structure, polyester-polyurethane has a high solid content which gives the product superior gloss and chemical resistance, and looks just like porcelain and limits the VOC content dispersed into the environment. Once catalyzed and dry, polyester-polyurethane emits no further VOC’s into the environment making it harmless to interior air quality.

I would like to take the time and thank Clover SC Listing LLC for an awesome website.

Stan and Brenda Owners of Deitz Surface Detailing

Meet the Team

Deitz Surface Detailing Kitchen And Bath Restorationg was established in 2013, and is owned and operated by Stanley and Brenda Deitz. We are an independent, family-owned, and operated, establishment with no affiliations to any product dealer or franchise.

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